Blue Bayou Resort will be opening its doors for the first time in June 2019. I'm sure that I'll be adding to this list as the summer progress. We didn't purchase a old campground, we are starting a New one. We strongly felt that there is a need for this type of accommodation and we hope that you will fully enjoy our place and our hospitality. For now, here are some questions that could be ask frequently.

What’s your cancelation policy?

We accept cancelation up to 1 week before your stay... If your coming on a Friday, you would need to cancel the previous Friday before 5PM to get your full refund minus $50 admin fees (plus HST).

To guarantee your campsite, a deposit equal to 50% of your stay will be charged to your credit card at the time you make your reservation. Make your online reservations anytime, day or night. You'll receive a confirmation email from the campground once you complete your reservation.

Need to Cancel? If you need to cancel your reservation, please call 647-995-1633 before your one week deadline or cancel on your online account to receive your deposit refund, minus a $50 + HST cancellation admin fees. Allow 24 hours to receive you money back. Text and/or email notifications of cancellations are not acceptable. Especially if it's within the last days that you have available to get your refund. We have in the past accepted email cancellation because the ones we accepted where months before the chosen date. We stress that you call us because it prevent you from emailing the wrong person at the last minute and making a mistake that would be costly. The phone call will eliminate those errors.

Reservations made after the deadline require 50% nonrefundable deposits. Cancellations made after deadlines will result in forfeiture of all deposits.

Campground Specific Cancellation Policy:


Arrival day:

You will need to pay in full for balance of your stay on arrival day. We will hold your deposit till we cleared your site of any damages.

Do you offer rebates for Group booking?

You can always call us to discuss, We will not have any rebates for group booking in July and August.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions at anytime during open Season and between 9 to 5 on weekdays when our campground is closed for the season.



The answer is yes (maximum of 3 dogs per sites) and that's as long as you keep them on leashes at all time and that you clean up after them. We will charge $30 per stay plus $10 per additional dogs. This is to cover the extra cleaning fees. We are not responsible for your dog. If we feel that your dog is a nuissance, we may ask you to leave property. Please also bring their sleeping arrangement (dog bed) and most importantly keep dog off our beds.

Weather related issues

Cold : Keep in mind that you are Glamping as in camping inside a tent. Our Domes are insulated but not meant for freezing temperatures. We do have basic electric heaters and they are often used at the beginning and the end of every season. If the nights reaches close to 0 degree celsius, it will be somewhat colder inside the dome. Some people have no problem with that but others feel uncomfortable. We  would need to add a wood burning stove or pellet stove to compensate for these colder nights. The problem is that there's only a few handfuls of those nights per season and not worth the investment. The heaters are keeping the inside warm enough if they are turned on for the night and we can provide you with extra blankets upon request.

Rain : We also have provided a dehumidifier in every domes. The domes are made of PVC membrane which is not a breathable material. The dehumidifier will keep the interior dry especially on rainy days when it's very humid. You will notice built up condensation on the windows of the dome if you do not have the dehumidifier on. In that case, you may also experience musty smell due to the high humidity.

Rain : If you have book a Tipi, do understand that Tipis are a cultural experience and are not permeable to rain due to the nature of this stay. Our Tipis are set on a concrete pad with a fire pit at the centre. You also have electrical GFI protected receptacle inside the Tipi. These receptacles are up to Code and were approved last year upon project completion. It's the same as having an outside plug installed following today's building code at your house outside. Even our domes are Ground Fault protected. We will not refund your stay because of rain. If you book a Tipi, you get a Tipi and what it represent.

Rain : We are in a campground setting and rain can muddy a place up. We also at time get torrential rain that damage the road. We usually fix it up when rain stops and we have the machines to do so. Rain and Wind can also give the "on demand propane Hot water heater some problems. In most case, you have hot water... it can happen that bad weather prevents these propane hot water heaters from functioning properly.

Wind : Last year we experience over 120km/h wind when Hurricane Dorian came around. A good size tree fell on top of one Dome and although it damage the Geodome a little bit, Our Domes are the Strongest Glamping style Tent you will stay in. The Dome was strong enough to hold a very heavy tree up with no issue. No one was staying in the dome that night but do rest assure that if a tree falls on your dome while you are staying at the Bayou that you may be shock a bit but will be safe. No different from a tree falling on your house. Actually, The tree would have cause more damage to a house than it did to the dome.

Heat : Summer 2019 wasn't so hot. Some domes, depending of where they are situated could get hot inside during the afternoon. We have installed ceiling fans in them to move the hot air out. We do not provide AC. It doesn't get hot enough at night here to justify having AC. We don't have AC in the main house where I stay while working at the Resort and I didn't feel any discomfort all Summer. The domes could be too hot during the afternoon but never at night. On a Hot nice Sunny Day, it's best to be outside anyway.


Grocery/Liquor Stores :

-Cabot Trail Food Market in Cape North (10 min west)

-COOP in Neil's Harbour (15 min East)

Gas Station : (10 min west)

Restaurants :

-Danena's Bistro and Bakery (2 min west or a zip line away)

-Angie's (10 min west)

-Markland (15 min west, take road to Dingwall next to Gas Station)

-Chowder House in Neil's Harbour (15 min east)