Who Is Blue Bayou Resort

Blue Bayou Resort is a Canadian corporation that is also registered with Nova Scotia Joint Stock Companies. Although a corporation, Blue Bayou Resort is a family own operation. The Owners of this Corporation are simply Myself, Stephane and my beautiful partner ShanShan.

Some of you may wonder, NOW how did this CRAZY idea started? What made us purchased a property very close to the End of the World up in the Highlands of Cape Breton. Well… It all started in Spring of 2017 when I pulled out my 1964 Vintage VW Dune Buggy out of the Garage for the first time since putting it away for the previous winter.  I was heading out to meet ShanShan for the first time to enjoy a beautiful afternoon ride around Burlington Ontario where I been living for over 15 years. Little did I know that we would still be together today, let along getting involved in a project such as this one. Little that SHE knew that SHE “had me at Hello”. Our first time together was memorable in a way that it was such a different activity to do on a first date. I don’t think that meeting for a coffee somewhere would have created the same effect. ShanShan was curious about me because I build that CAR with my own hands a few years back. My next step was to show her my cooking abilities and I invited her for dinner. I made one of my special dish, Homemade  PIZZA… Problem was that it came out of the oven as burnt Pizza… OMG that’s actually the very last time I burnt Pizza but it had to happen that Day. When something goes wrong you need to move on and not linger too much. Just like the saying “The Show Must Go On” I picked up my Guitar and the rest is History. Was it the Daddy Cool Dune Buggy? Was it the Guitar? Was it the way that I dress up? All I know is that it surely wasn’t my cooking abilities that won her Heart.

She is the primary reason for what is materializing today. She is “The Wind Beneath My Wings” for my life before her always was an uphill battle.  Nothing was ever easy, nothing is ever  easy but now I finally have someone that is very Helpful, that invest time and puts in the effort. Also very supportive with everything we are doing together. Even today, while I spend time on these blogs, she answers online questions, makes calls, reads market report about the Nova Scotia travel industry. She does all of this without any direction… If you ever ask anyone that work for me in the past, you will easily conclude that I very much favour employees that have good common sense and that cares about his or her work. She is that very person, the one molded just for me.

Shanshan in return is supporting a Man that as been a contractor, renovator, building material sales for a good part of his career. Flip a handful of homes and have a good sense of accomplishing major projects. She has seen some of my work and understands the work that is involved before we open our doors this Spring. She also knows that when I work on a more personal project such as this one, that I add my Special Touch, that I go the Extra mile and that in the end it will turn out to be very Awesome. SIMPLE ! Just like the first time I met Shanshan,  I won her Heart because I was DIFFERENT than anyone else. That’s HOW I will win all of your Hearts. You will love coming to Blue Bayou Resort because we are Different. We all did Hotels in our life. We mostly all did camping too. But How many of you have experience a Night Under a Blanket of Stars in a Geodesic DOME or a Native TIPI?

Rest assure that our Resort will surprise you… The Place is Perfect.  Come and Celebrate Life Like you Never Done Before, Come to Blue Bayou Resort. 

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