The number ONE “Geodesic Domes” Village in Nova Scotia

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Geodesic Domes

We’ll be the Campground with the most Geodesic Domes in Nova Scotia when we Open This Spring 2019. We’re going to have 23 geodesic domes in total on our site for the inaugural season. That is why I’m Proclaiming ourself as the Biggest Geodesic Campground in North America until someone proves me wrong. As of yet, I don’t know anyone that has this many in North America or the World. Therefore, if Someone proves me wrong, I’ll “Un-proclaim myself.

Is that too much?

Well… I was first planning on getting 30 of them, but we decided on doing 7 Tipis “Wigwam” just to have a bit of a selection. South Harbour, Nova Scotia is situated in the Heart of the Highlands and is and amazing place for camping, hiking, kayaking, photographing and even zip lining at Mountain Pine Adventures. This is our first year and it hasn’t started yet but from what we hear, there’s a shortage of beds offered every Summer in our area. This area also have classic campgrounds and not a lot of glamping style campground.

Glamping… Glamour Fancy Camping

The decision to go this route was that Glamping is becoming more popular every year and the domes seams to be the most popular choice. Probably why my domes are what’s booking the most at the moment. The domes are self promoting itself being the most awesome way to enjoy camping. Everyone is sharing, “Check this Out” and “OMG”. When camping is just as comfortable as a hotel stay, that’s when it becomes the most awesome way to enjoy camping. Camping itself is enjoyable, therefore we make it comfortable.

We can’t wait for Spring to Sprung and get all the tents up and ready for you to enjoy. This only means that we will have our hands full this spring, but in time, we will have real pictures of our real tents with real bathrooms in them, real reviews and real people enjoying our resort, our Harbour and everything Cape Breton Highlands has to offer.

No one has the most Domes? (until proven otherwise) Come enjoy camping at it’s best in numbers. Camping brings friends and family together, together in comfort. That is why, You will not want to leave.

P.S. For more photos on Geodesic domes in Cape Breton Highlands, please Check our gallery.

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