The Road To Cape Breton Highland… A Dream coming true.

We didn't just wake up one morning and decided to purchase a campground

Blue Bayou Resort was born because it was meant to be. Because I have an amazing, very beautiful, supportive and optomistic partner in Shanshan. Because my career up to this point has shape me into becoming a campground engineer. Because an unexpected opportunity presented itself at the right moment in our life.

The Camping world like many other things, is changing. People value memorable experience, quality time and comfort above all. Glamping is practically the comfort of an hotel stay but in a campground setting. Imagine roasting marshemellow around a campfire at nignt with Sweet Caroline playing live in the background. Imagine enjoying a romantic evening with your partner under a blanket of stars.  These are all experiences that you can experience at the Blue Bayou Resort.

Our Campground will be staring its inaugural year in 2019, we are primary concentrating on Glamping lots for year one. Cape Breton is far away from major population hubs. Coming here with big RV rigs is costly and the mountains here are harder to manage when pulling trailers. The money you'll save in fuel along will make up for the extra money you'll spend for your stay. If you add the cost of insurance, storage and maintenance for those RVs, you're better off glamping here at the Blue Bayou Resort. It will keep your knuckles from turning white. We believe that the future will also make glamping even more popular. I'm no Nostradamus, but we do know that self driving vehicules are here now and will become relevant within the next few years. This will make longer drives easier to conquer making destinations like Cape Breton Highland a more popular place to visit. I can't wait to get in my car at night... fall asleep... wake up the next morning in South Harbour.

When I visited the Highlands for the first time this past Summer,I was truly amazed. We pulled a fifth wheel and booked a campsite for 4 nights. My knuckles were whiter than snow. Nonetheless, it was the best time of my whole two weeks holidays and I regreted not booking a longer stay. While driving back home, one thing I knew for sure was 4 nights just wasn't enough and we felt a need to return... We simply didn't want to leave... We bought land and we're now building a campground in hope that when you visit us, you feel the same.


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