Glamping is Camping for everyone.

I got back from a family yearly reunion last night. It was my first family reunion since we started this project. My parents have many siblings which resulted in having many cousins.  What caught my attention today was that one of my cousins informed me that camping was not her style and that you would never find her in any campground… Then I proceeded in letting her know about what my plans were because she was still interested to hear my story. So I proceeded showing her some tipis and geodesic dome pictures and explain to her the finishes and the fact that the geodesic domes will have their private 3 pieces bathrooms. That it will include beds and all the bedding and towels just like in a hotel. Within a minute into my presentation to her she said “Well that’s my kind of camping”.  I quickly realized that the glamping experience that we’re creating will interest a broader type of clientele. People that would’t usually do this kind of stuff are now curious to give it a try!!! 

We all Stayed in Hotels before, some of you went camping a lot, others rented cottages… What we are creating is kind of a hotel cottage in a campground setting. Feel the Blue Bayou Resort experience, the luxury of camping. Where camping is not a burden.  When it rain you just let it rain, don’t have to pack up and leave.  At the Blue Bayou Resort you will fully enjoy your holidays and you will find time to enjoy the made easy camping life.

The Cape Breton Highland is a place that needs the upmost attention. If you take the time to make it up here, I feel that it be a waste of a trip if you only do a day drive around these parks. You’re only scratching the surface when you do that.  The Highland have many gems to visit and staying at the Blue Bayou Resort will give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy some of these gems because we’re right in the thick of it. I’m sure that plenty of you guys that made it up here before on a one day trip, probably regret not sticking around for a few more days to really discover the most scenic and beautiful Island in all of Canada. I regretted leaving this place on my very first visit and i was there for 4 Nights. Rest assure,I found my way back.

I thank my family for being very supportive, looks like I’ll be entertaining some of you next Summer. Like a song from Wet Wet Wet, “I feel it in my finger, I feel it in my toes… Love is all around us and that’s the way it goes.” Or like a John Denver rift, I can’t wait to “Fill up your Senses. Like a Night in the Forest. Like a Mountain in Spring Time. Like a Walk in the rain. Like a Storm in the Desert. Like a Sleepy Blue Bayou Ocean. You Fill up my Senses. Come Fill me again.”



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